Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outside ...

... the box.

Have you seen a bird in church?

I don't mean pretty white birds that fly out of something during a wedding. (I've heard that happens.)
I mean a pet bird in church.

Well, there is Claude, and his daughter's bird.
He was taking care of the bird... and well, Claude wanted to come to church (Bear Valley) and he knew that Bear Valley was an 'outside-the-box' church, so why not take the bird to church?  So he did.
And said bird was good!!!


On a different 'outside the box' note, here's what I saw at HOBBY LOBBY Monday....

Yes. Christmas bows....(and Christmas stuff) and 'Christmas' misspelled (at the Hobby Lobby at Glade and 121).  
Maybe I should report the misspelling?

Ah, but I'm not ready for Christmas, no matter how it is spelled!....

Summer started today. ..technically.
Well, I'm not ready for summer... or Christmas.

Sometimes I'm just ready for NOW.
And maybe even not NOW.

Lately I've been reading about happiness.... and how it's okay.

Indecision can paralyze us.
As can criticism - inside and out.
And self-doubt.


But it's okay.

We can relax.

We can trust God.

We can lean hard on Him.

We can.

And we don't have to worry how to.

We can pray, "All I know of me I give to all I know of You, that's all I know to do."

We can live in that 'relief prayer'.

We don't need 'shoulds' and 'oughts'.
We don't.

We so don't.

What a relief.


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