Wednesday, June 13, 2012

People are different.

One of the most important things I've learned in life is that people are different.
Everybody is different.
Every. Single. Person.
Even identical twins.


Sam and I went through a phase where we were devouring all kinds of personality tests.

One of the most interesting we found is the little known LIFO (Life Orientations) program.
One good site on it is THIS.  And another good site is THIS.
Sam and I even became trainers in it.

It helped us so much in getting along with each other, and with a lot of other folks we've gotten to know.
It is about communication styles, and how everyone has his/her own style, and even a different one when he/she is under stress.
Talk about interesting.

Well, life is so interesting when you think of the variety of people, and pets, and plants, and mornings and evenings, and everything. 

Just noticing the different votes I get on polls is revealing (that we're all different.)
Btw, I have a new poll up (upper right).  Thanks for voting!

(If you have a particular personality inventory that you particularly like, I'd love to know about it.)
And if you've taken the Myers Briggs inventory, tell me what you are!  (I'm an INFJ. (though I'm not a strong I.) Sam is an INTP, - and he's a strong I.)
Click HERE for a short test on that.

In closing, I'll show you some folks... who are ALL different from each other.
(Click each picture to make larger.)

Bye now.

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Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, and if Will is accurate in his guesses for me, I am an ISFJ. I remember being a strong "I" and a strong "J," but the other two were not as strong for me.

I like taking personality tests. As a teacher, I always had all my classes take some sort of personality test at the beginning of the school year and the students always enjoyed it. For some reason it's fun to learn about yourself!

Bailey Jo

(PS- I picked scuba diving on your poll, which is fitting since we just got back from a cruise! I am crazy about the ocean and wish I could always be near it and exploring it.)

Nancy said...

Thanks for that great comment, Bailey Jo.
What a great teacher you are - to have your kids take a personality test. That's helpful for them ... and you.


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