Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just the word 'refreshment' can get me excited.
Like, 'Are they going to have refreshments?'   (Before I go to any gathering I want to know!!!)

But not only food and drink can refresh us.  People can.

Last week, Mother had some special visitors from east Texas come see her.

That's Janet, Mother, and Cindy.  They all used to teach school together in Van.  Their classrooms were all next to each other... so they have lots of memories to share.   Plus, they'd hang out a lot together when they weren't in school.
(After we'd all eaten at the Fire Pit Grill in Bedford (yum) I took that picture.)  

Speaking of refreshment, a good laugh is that.

In today's PSYCHOLOGY TODAY there are several articles
about the value of laughter.
Here's The Laughing Cure, with quotes on laughter.  And here's the Benefits of Laughter article.
And here are 2 cartoons and a picture I like....


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