Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three precious people...

... gave me some smiles the other day...

Caroline made this necklace and made one almost like it for me!
(I love the shirt she's wearing!)

Andrew showed me his muscle...
 He is really, really strong.

Anna was being adorable...
... which is her usual way of being.

Here is Caroline reading to us...
She said this book was the first book she learned to read.
(She's brilliant.)

Here she is with her little brother...
and her little sister in the background.

You don't get any more precious than this. 
 A couple of weeks ago Andrew and I were watching a program on TV and the word 'splendid' was used.   He asked, "What does 'splendid' mean?"  
I told him it meant good, wonderful, marvelous (something like that).

He then said, "Okay.  Well, Mimi and Pops are splendid."  (Those are his dad's (John's) parents.)  
Isn't that wonderful?!?!  

Here he is with Mimi...
I think that picture was taken in Oct.
(And Mimi (Susan) is much prettier than that.)

And here are his sisters with Mimi and Pops...
 That was in November at Anna's first birthday party.

Yes, I would say Mimi and Pops are SPLENDID!!
And what a tribute Andrew gave them by calling them that!!!

A new poll is up, by the way.
Thanks for voting.
I love votes!


baileyjo246 said...

I sure do love those three kids... And they look so tan already! Must be getting a lot of pool time!

I had to vote for Barnes and Noble on your poll, since I did actually work there and so obviously chose to apply there over those other places. But if it were up to me, I'd pick "none of the above!"

(Not that it was a bad place to work... I just hate retail and restaurant jobs.)

Bailey Jo

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I want to have three babies exactly like these.

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