Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's post...

...is about chairs.

 I got eight (8) of these the other day from a friend of Mother's....

Here they are in our booth...
They're Ethan Allen maple chairs. 
I think they should go soon, except my friend "Dealer Delta" says maple isn't selling well these days.

Ah, but these next chairs will sell.
I just know.

 They're ladder-back chairs. 

I got them from my cousin Audrey yesterday.
She and I loaded them in the back of our pick-up and secured them with a rope, so I could bring them home from McKinney. 
Audrey tied the knots very well!
(And yes, we have a pick-up now.)

Here is Audrey with her handsome son, Brandon....
 (I told you he was handsome.)

As soon as I have room in my booth, I'm going to put those ladder-back chairs in it.
(I can make you a good deal on those maple chairs.)

Here's another picture from mother's and my booth, so you'll see we have more than chairs in it...

This post may not be extremely interesting to you....
... so I'll include a joke about chairs.
(You can find most anything on the internet these days.)

A philosophy professor walks in to give his class their final. Placing his chair on his desk the professor instructs the class, "Using every applicable thing you've learned in this course, prove to me that this chair DOES NOT EXIST."

So, pencils are writing and erasers are erasing, students are preparing to embark on novels proving that this chair doesn't exist, except for one student. He spends thirty seconds writing his answer, then turns his final in to the astonishment of his peers.

Time goes by, and the day comes when all the students get their final grades ... and to the amazement of the class, the student who wrote for thirty seconds gets the highest grade in the class.

His answer to the question: "What chair?" 
I laughed a bit at that....
If you haven't voted on my recent poll (upper right), please do! It has about 22 more hours on it, as I type this.
The person from the past who is winning in this poll is surprising me.
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