Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who is best?

Look closely at this picture...  (You can click it to make it larger.)

Notice the third little girl from the left. 
She's the best, right?! 
That's Caroline!! 

Sadly, I didn't get any other pictures of her Friday night that were any good.
(My camera was not in focus.)
Here are some pictures I just got from Facebook ....
Isn't she beautiful? (Inside and out) ... and clearly the best in her class.
Well, in my opinion.
But that first picture says a lot.


On a different note, Sam has finished his part of our book! That means proofreading for me... which is tedious, but hopefully Bailey Jo, our English teacher daughter-in-law, can proofread also.
I'd ask some others of you to proofread, but I'm skittish.
Gee, I think I'm skittish about your reading it at all.   (Maybe we don't have to publish it?)  (I'm not serious. ... Just use the 'umbrella of grace', please.)

Speaking of our English teacher daughter-in-law, she has a blog!  She uses a pen name for it, though, so you might not have known it was hers.  It's called OLIVIA MAXIMUM BENNET.  (Click that to go there.)   It's very interesting.  Lately she's been telling about books she's having to read for her University of Glasgow Victorian literature class (which she will attend in the fall). 

On a different note, daughter Laura has an art education teacher job interview tomorrow!  I'm praying it will go wonderfully and she will be hired on the spot..... but only if it's right for her, of course.

On a different note, this cartoon says what I've been doing on this hot Sunday afternoon....

If you haven't voted on my current poll (upper right), please do.  THANKS!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Good luck Laura!!! i'm sure you'll do great!

LOVE these pictures of Caroline! How radiant is Eliz?! LOVE!!!!!!

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