Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beautiful people.....

... were at the White Family Reunion in east Texas today.  (That's my dad's side of the (extended) family... and today we had our 95th annual reunion in Van, Texas!)

Here's my mom with her sister-in-law (Daddy's little sister), Helen (whom we lovingly call 'Helen Ruth')...

Here are some other (random) pictures I like (I'd caption them but I'm too tired)...
I love these people. (And there were a lot more people (55 in all), but these are the closest relatives... and well, I love them (they're mainly my first cousins, and their spouses and kids... and well, I love them.... and was SO GLAD to see them.

(Click HERE to see my 2009 post that explains more of that reunion... and shows pictures of that 2009 reunion.)

Right now - this very minute - I'm hearing fireworks going off. I'm in my pajamas - in bed - with my dear hubby sleeping beside me - and well, I'm glad I live in America.
And so glad I got to see all those folks - family - today.

Life is good.

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