Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cute little ones....

I can't stand that cartoon picture I put up in my last post, "Don't Be Ugly", so I need to post something else ASAP (so when I go to my blog that ugly girl isn't the first thing I see).

Ah, now I have something much better to see.
Much better.
Or someones, I should say.
Cute little ones.

Here are pictures from today...

They're playing with SLIME!
And Elizabeth made it!
I think they played for over an hour and a half with it.
I was very impressed with the slime (it doesn't stain or stick to clothes, or bodies) and it is so fun-worthy).

I have three more pictures of cute little ones.
These pictures were taken in Oklahoma City Tuesday...

That's Jack (the bank's auditor's son) and Mac, our nephew.
We were eating at B.J.'s in OK City, and those little fellows were making us smile.  :)

And here's Mac during loan committee meeting....
That's his gorgeous mom, Lorie, my sister-in-law.

Anyway, I've not seen any ugly people lately, thankfully.  
All have been cute.... and beautiful.
(If you haven't voted in my recent poll, please do (upper right).  Thanks!!)

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