Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday night...

Friday night has been my absolute favorite time of the week since I was a little girl.

Just the idea that I didn't (don't) have to wake up at a certain time the next morning has always made it almost magical.

I can sleep late!!

Whether I do or not is beside the question.
I CAN sleep late!!

And often I would (do) eat cinnamon toast for breakfast on Saturday.
Just thinking about that on Friday nights was (is) fun.

Sam's mother used to make homemade hamburgers every Saturday (I think for lunch).
He has good memories of that. 

Weekends are great, aren't they?
Cinnamon toast, hamburgers, sleeping late, etc., etc.

And tomorrow our son and daughter-in-law are moving in with us (for a month)!

Here's a picture of them that I just love....
They're surrounded by 2 things Bailey Jo loves: Will, and books!

They're living here until they leave for Scotland for the year (to do graduate work). 
That sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Ah, but it reminds me when my hubby and 2 young kids moved in with my in-laws for 2 months, back in 1991.  
It turned out being a wonderful time.  

I pray that I'm as laid back as my mother-in-law was when we moved in.

We just enjoyed each other.
And relaxed together.

Bailey Jo may notice my pantry IS TRULY a mess, but well, sometimes SO AM I.

And that can be FUN!!


Bailey Jo, I'm excited!!!!


laura said...

ooo, I haven't had cinnamon toast in awhile. I'll have to have that tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That picture is an oldie but a goodie!

Thanks for the post! I'm excited too!

nancy k said...

love your blog, Nancy. love your spirit...your honesty and transparency encourage me to "measure up" just enjoy, in spite of imperfection. :)


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