Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The hub of the universe...

... has always been Dallas.

That's my opinion.

As a child I would squeal when I'd drive (ride in the car) from far South Texas to Dallas and see the Dallas skyline.
My sister and I would both squeal.  Even when we were in high school we'd squeal. (Well, we'd started a tradition.)

(Dallas was where my maternal grandparents lived... and nearby Kaufman was where my paternal grandparents lived.   We'd go there about 3 times a year.)

That Dallas skyline was worth the squeal.

And now my very own daughter lives in Dallas!!

Here are she and her husband, and their dear dog, Akon, on their deck overlooking their backyard.... 

 And here is the chicken coop in their backyard....
Nice backyard, huh?

And here are some of their chickens in the coop...
(That's the best picture I could get.)

Here are some pictures I got from her blog of their house ...

We loved seeing their house Sunday night.... and their chicks... and their dog.... and their cat, who was hiding, but we saw him on the window sill of their bedroom as we were leaving. 

Here's what he looks like up close....
 (What a beauty.)
(I'm liking cats more.)

Now Ryan is just 15 minutes from work (as an RN at Parkland Hospital) and about that same distance from the Baylor School of Nursing, where he'll start grad school in August. And Laura is about 20 minutes to her job, as an elementary art teacher at Merriman Elementary School in Richardson, which she'll start in August.

Soon I'll blog about Will and Bailey.... and their move (first to our upstairs.... then to Scotland!!)

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th!!!
Me, I'm going to have one..... and will let you know soon more than you want to know about it - in my next post.
Stay tuned.


Laura said...


laura said...

can you send me that picture of us on the deck?

Nancy said...

I just sent (emailed) you the picture, Laura. I hope you get it.
It IS good.
Gotta love that deck and backyard!!!
And you, of course.

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