Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I love to eat...

... It's really amazing that I'm not so big that they (the people who would) would (wouldn't?) have to cut open my bedroom wall to get me out of my house.

I love to eat.

My mother will tell you.
My husband will tell you.
My friends and other family members will tell you.

I eagerly anticipate every. single. meal.

Right now two of my favorite places to eat are these:
1) El Paisa...

There's one on Harwood, just east of Martin, in Bedford... and one in Hurst on HWY 26, just north of Cheek-Sparger.   There's also one on HWY 26 near Mustang, but we haven't tried that one.
Anyway, it's serious Mexican food.

Oh, I don't rate it as high as the old (and amazingly wonderful) Palmetto Inn in McAllen, TX, or Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth.... but it's close.

2) The 77 GRILL in Davis, Oklahoma... 

Here are some pictures I took of it on July 17...
Look at those homemade rolls. They are the best homemade rolls I have ever eaten in my life. Ever.
(Well, except for my Aunt Helen Ruth's rolls.)

Here's a quote I like by the late Luciano Pavoratti...
 "One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."

 Mmm. It's almost supper time.  :)

[What are YOUR favorite eating spots?]


Laura said...

I just had a yummy dinner at Mi Cocina with my hubby. Mmm. It's just important to be balanced, and you do that, which is why you can fit through your doorway. Enjoy the good foods, but not at every meal.

Bobbie said...

Well, there will NEVER be another Palmetto Inn. Remember the thick chips (they called them tostadas), the nachos with a little strip of jalapeno and cheese - that's all, the Ladies Special (85 cents), the Enchilada Plate (my personal fave - with chile con queso on top) and they would serve you either a small dish of mangoes or pineapple sherbet for dessert. Ate there faithfully every week - usually Saturday night with the Barnetts, Canadys, Nances, and other precious church friends. Oh, how I'd love to go back in time and eat there one more time with my Daddy.

Nancy said...

Great comment, Bobbie. Oh yes, I remember everything you remember about Palmetto Inn. Mmmmmm.... Mmm.

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