Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now for something totally different...

Sometimes I find odd things on the internet - and save them for a post - for when I don't want to have to think about what to write on a post, but I want to post.

Today's one of those days.

I have 2 dog cartoons.
And 3 unusual haircut (shave) pictures.

Those haircuts (shaves) really intrigued me. 
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Myra J said...

19 (and over) was my choice because by then you hope you have done a good job and also hope that any advice you are giving will be heard, taken, and be correct. Younger than that.....YOU should still be in control! Car keys, priviledges, money, etc can be taken away....19 they are adults and even if in college....the control is from a distance.

Nancy said...

Good comment, Myra!! My husband voted for 19, too... for the very reason you gave! :)


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