Sunday, July 1, 2012

You must see this (these)...

Here is a picture I really like....
That sweet boy just couldn't stay awake to read.  He'd been playing too hard.
(Isn't that a dear picture? His mom sent it to me as a text. I just had to share it.) 
(It makes me smile.)

Here's another (totally different) picture I really like....

That's Jesse and Kristin Prather with Sam and me in the tea room.

Here's a picture of them with us four years ago in Denver. (Sam had the honor of performing their wedding ceremony.)
They are such a fine young couple... and I was thrilled we got to spend some time with them Friday. (Jesse and his family are like family to us, as some you well know.)

Here's a picture (I stole from Facebook) of Jesse's parents doing what they do best....
... performing!! 

Here is (I think) their engagement picture....
(I thought some of you might enjoy seeing that.)
(I know I do.)

 And here's their daughter (Jesse's sister) Molly...
I know some of you blog-readers are loving seeing that picture, too. 
(Well, who wouldn't love seeing that picture?) 
(And that young lady?) 

That's all for today.
I do have a new poll up, though (upper right).
Please vote!
Happy July!!

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