Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not going to get political...

I'm not going to get political on this last night of the Republican convention.

So here are are some random pictures I like...
That is a t-shirt I bought I forget where.  I really like it.

And there's this...
I just love cheese nachos with jalapenos, even if the cheese is Velveeta-like.

And then there's this button I like...

I've been pushing that button today.  :)

I also like this picture.... 
That's my son-in-law studying for a graduate school course.
(I hope he can hit that RELAX button soon.)


Here's another picture I like (that I just made my 'cover photo' on Facebook)....
That table was my Grandmother Jennie's.  It's well over a hundred and twenty years old.
The fancy lights were a gift from Will a few years ago.
The chess set is Sam's.  He's a good chess player.  (I'm always telling myself I need to learn how to play... but, well, good intentions haven't gotten me anywhere.)
The chairs I got at Albertons for not much - they go with a table out by the pool.

Here's another picture I like....
Two of those people made it safely to Scotland this morning.

Here's a picture Will posted on Facebook this morning....
... with the words, WE MADE IT!!
And that made me glow all day. 
I think we'll have to wait till at least September to go over there...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look closely...

... you'll see a keyboard...
(That's Will getting his stuff out of my car.) 

 In this next picture you'll see a passport... 
(Bailey is holding it.)

Well, we took them to the airport and hugged our goodbyes.  There were just a few tears.  No weeping. 

And then we came home.... to our big house.... and it seemed SO BIG without them.....and yet it felt good .... that our son and his precious wife are headed for an exciting year in Scotland.
I'm glad they weren't noisy when they lived with us this past month. Then it would be a VERY quiet house now.  Instead it's just a-kind-of-quiet house. 

I'm FOR SURE thankful for the internet... and cell phones... and email.... and anything else that will keep us close!!!  .... Because we ARE close!!!
A new poll is up!  
I may put new polls up more often.  Will and Bailey vote on my polls and I want them to vote maybe everyday!!


I love you Will and Bailey Jo.... and am praying for you every time I think of you... which will be nonstop (of course).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you learning?

So many folks in my world are in school.... or will be soon.

Son Will and daughter-in-law Bailey Jo are going to Scotland TOMORROW.... to learn some good stuff.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of them.... 
Will looks so happy in that picture (Bailey does that to him) (which makes me smile big time).
And little Caroline is learning some good stuff in kindergarten.
I was there the morning of her FIRST DAY and this is one of the pictures I took...
I love those shoes!

And niece Marian's kids are in kindergarten and preschool now....
(That's Finn and Eloise.)

And niece Jennifer's kids are in school, too....
(That's Lewis, Molly, and Charlotte.)
(I love those haircuts.)

And our nephew Mac... is in preschool...
.... and has also learned to play a type of T-ball....
 I think he hit it right where he pointed!

Here he is with his dad earlier this month...
Mac helped make that chocolate cake!
(I'm serious.)

So lots of learning is being done.... which means lots of teaching is being done.

Daughter Laura is teaching art in Richardson.
She has a new wonderful  BLOG about it!!! 

Dear friend Carisa Lueck teaches music in Wisconsin and posted a super blog post about starting the year.  I read it out loud to Sam and he immediately suggested I send the post to Laura.... which I did. 
Click HERE to read Carisa's post.     You'll be glad you did!!

So what are you teaching... or learning?  

Me - I'm learning more about Scotland.   
Did you know that the Carmacks came from Scotland around the start of the 18th century?
... And now Will and Bailey Jo Carmack will study there. 

That seems appropriate.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

100 years ago... (then 28 years ago)..

100 years ago today my dear father-in-law was born!

He was wise and wonderful... and still such a presence in our lives. 
Happy 100th Birthday, Daddy Bob!! 
28 years ago tomorrow his wonderful grandson, Will, was born!!!

Happy 28th Birthday, Will!!!

On Wednesday he and his wife, Bailey Jo, are moving to Scotland for a year - for graduate school!
I was thinking about being sad about that, but have decided to be more excited than sad. (I think you can decide those things, right?)
On a different note, daughter Laura starts teaching art tomorrow in Richardson!!  
Here's a picture I like of her and her husband, Ryan, that was taken in April....

He started grad school last Wednesday at the Baylor School of Nursing. 
He also works at Parkland Hospital in Dallas as an RN.
There's lots of excitement going on...
birthday cake to eat tomorrow!!!
Life is good!!
I have 2 (TWO) polls up, upper right.
Thanks for voting!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fun....

In honor of schools starting everywhere (either already or soon) I found some cartoons you might enjoy...

And here are some other funnies that might make you smile....
Father: How were the exam questions?
Son: Easy.
Father: Then why look so unhappy?
Son: The questions didn't give me any trouble, but the answers did!
Fred was saying his prayers. God bless my mum and dad and please make Montreal the capital of Canada.
Why did you say that, Fred? asked his mother.
Because that's what I wrote in my exam, explained Fred.
EXAM QUESTION: What was the Romans' greatest feat?
PUPIL'S ANSWER: Learning Latin.
My Dad always says "What you don't know won't hurt you." It sure hurt me in the math test I took last week.
DAD: I don't understand your poor History grades. I always did well in History when I was a kid.
FRED: Dad, there's a lot more History now than when you were a kid.
HARRY: I'd rather jump off a ten story building than take this Science test.
FRED: I didn't know we had a choice.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm not you.

My last blog post was about a song a friend absolutely hates.
I was so surprised.

Well then there's this: a lady came up to me one day in the tea room and jokingly asked if I ever played "It's a Small World After All".    I said I'd never played it, but it was in a book of Disney tunes I had and I could play it in a pinch.
She then looked at me seriously and said, "If you ever play that song, I'm leaving the tea room at that moment. I hate that song!"
Then she laughed.... but repeated that she hated that song.
And she added, "I just wanted to warn you, since you were playing other Disney songs."


I thought it was an innocent little song.
I guess not.

Well, really it is. It IS!!!

Just because someone has an opinion on something doesn't make that opinion 'true'.
Opinions are opinions. And I - me, myself and I - have opinions.

I don't much like Dolly Parton's voice, though I think she is a good songwriter.

I don't like Third Day's Mac Powell's voice, but I do like some of Third Day's songs.

And I don't like Madonna.

And I'm not impressed with Angelina Jolie.

But I do like Sally Fields.... and Julie Andrews... and Tom Hanks... and Liam Neeson... and my favorite actor is Vincent D'Onofrio.   (I really like "Law and Order Criminal Intent".)

And I like solitude.... and Tabasco sauce.... and lazy Saturday mornings... and having Will and Bailey Jo living with us this month.... and knowing that daughter, precious Laura, is married to Ryan... and Sam and I living in the Metroplex... and having started Bear Valley Church back in 1992.... and then being a part of Fellowship of the Parks.... and living till I'm 60... and blogging.... and having Elizabeth and her precious family living nearby.... and my wonderful mother living nearby.... and being married to a very wise man, who is good, and fun, and my best friend.

This blogging is good for me.

I mean, I do it spontaneously sometimes... and it makes me REALIZE LIFE ... and ME!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is there a song you hate?

I was so glad to be back in the tea room today!  (I was 'out-of-pocket' for over 2 weeks!)
(That's an old picture - on the right.)

I have some folks who come in and want me to play certain songs.
Some of those folks came in this very day.... and I was happy to oblige.

For instance,  90-year-old Viola came in today.  She always wants to hear "Red Sails in the Sunset" and/or "The Green Green Grass of Home."  Today I played "Red Sails.." (Those highlighted links are to YouTube versions of the songs.)

Another elderly lady who came in today always wants to hear "Alley Cat".... so I did it.

Other days a younger lady comes and always wants to hear "Unchained Melody," one of my favorites.

A beautiful preteen named Grace always wants me to play a SOUND OF MUSIC medley (another one of my favorites).

Ah, but there is one song that I found out was the absolute LEAST favorite of a dealer-friend.   He told me one day that I often play a song that he cannot stand. 
He repeated, "I canNOT stand a certain song you play."
Then he said, "No offense."


What on earth would that song be? 

I was curious.

What. Could. It. Be?!

Would you believe it was (is) "Wind Beneath My Wings"?!!! (The Bette Midler song sung on the movie BEACHES' soundtrack.)
What on earth?!
"That is beautiful," I said. "One of the most gorgeous songs ever!"

He then asked, "Have you ever listened to the words of that song? Huh, huh?"
"Well, yes." I replied. "I think so."   (People can very easily make me doubt myself.)

He then said, "Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.  That song is the most narcissistic song in the whole history of music.   That's the reason I hate it.  It's awful. I repeat, AWFUL!  I cannot stand it!!"


I had never, ever thought about that before.


What does it say about me, that I rarely play it anymore..... except when I see him coming!!
(Well, I play the beginning of it - to get his goat.)
Seriously, though, I haven't been playing it as much.

Is there a song you detest?
Frankly, I can't think of one...
... although "Alley Cat" may be turning into one.

(I'd love to know your favorite song.... and that song you detest - or might someday....)
A new poll is up (upper right)... thanks for voting!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So wonderful...

... was Julia's wedding...
That's a picture Sam made from back by the sound board where Will was video-ing the wonderful event.

 Here's a picture I got on Facebook...

And I love this one...

And here's the beautiful bride with precious Aubrey Werner...
Aubrey is quite the pianist... and will be playing for many weddings in the future... I just know.
 One of the best parts of the wedding reception was the table displays.

Every table was different.  I took some pictures before the wedding/reception, so the candles weren't lighted... but they were still beautiful and so unique....
Beside it was this...

Then there were was this!....
Here's the note beside it ...

And there was this...
...with this little sign...

Finally, here is the centerpiece at the table where we were sitting...
... with this little sign..
There were little signs everywhere... explaining the significance of each special item on each table.
It was incredible.
And so VERY special.

The whole wedding and reception were so God-honoring.

And to think that I was honored to be a part of it all.

THANK YOU, LORD  (and Julia and Kyle)!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm excited...

... about tonight.

I get to be a part
of a wonderful couple's wedding!

That's Julia and Kyle.

They're getting married
tonight at Bear Valley Church.

And it's going to be beautiful.

And God-honoring.

And I get to do some of the music!!

What an honor!

On a different note, earlier this week Bailey Jo and Will went with us to board meeting in Oklahoma, and on the way we swung my Hinton... so Bailey Jo could see it all (where we lived when Will was born, and where Sam grew up, and where the banks started).

Here's Bailey Jo and Will in the bank with a picture of Daddy Bob...

Here's a picture by the teller windows...

Here's a picture down in the basement...

Here's a wonderful mural across the street from the bank..
That's the bank on the left in the mural. The bank was founded before Oklahoma got statehood!

 I think of Hinton as Oklahoma's Mayberry...
A wonderful place... with wonderful memories.


Before I sign off I must show you a picture my son-in-law put up on Facebook this morning...
Those are my grandchicks on the deck of Laura and Ryan's home in Dallas! 

I loved seeing that!!

And I love getting to see Laura and Ryan AND Bailey Jo and Will tonight at Julia's wedding!

Oh, and Julia and Kyle!!!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have lots to tell you... and pictures to show you... but they will all have to wait.

For now, this very minute, this cartoons says it ....

I'm in the middle of a busy - but wonderful - 2 busy weeks.

So now, I'm taking a little break to blog.

It is relaxing me.... from this busy time.
(Let's see how many times I can say 'busy'.)

I think words have power.
And 'BUSY' doesn't have a good power, well, this very minute anyway.

So I'm going to use other words... like ...

And sentences like...

'Settle down'.

'Sit back and just BE.'

'Shut out all the world.'

'Let go and let God.'

And I'm going to find serene pictures to look at...


Well, I'm feeling more relaxed. Mmm.

That's all for today.

I hope YOU can find some time to relax.
It's good for your health.

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