Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you learning?

So many folks in my world are in school.... or will be soon.

Son Will and daughter-in-law Bailey Jo are going to Scotland TOMORROW.... to learn some good stuff.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of them.... 
Will looks so happy in that picture (Bailey does that to him) (which makes me smile big time).
And little Caroline is learning some good stuff in kindergarten.
I was there the morning of her FIRST DAY and this is one of the pictures I took...
I love those shoes!

And niece Marian's kids are in kindergarten and preschool now....
(That's Finn and Eloise.)

And niece Jennifer's kids are in school, too....
(That's Lewis, Molly, and Charlotte.)
(I love those haircuts.)

And our nephew Mac... is in preschool...
.... and has also learned to play a type of T-ball....
 I think he hit it right where he pointed!

Here he is with his dad earlier this month...
Mac helped make that chocolate cake!
(I'm serious.)

So lots of learning is being done.... which means lots of teaching is being done.

Daughter Laura is teaching art in Richardson.
She has a new wonderful  BLOG about it!!! 

Dear friend Carisa Lueck teaches music in Wisconsin and posted a super blog post about starting the year.  I read it out loud to Sam and he immediately suggested I send the post to Laura.... which I did. 
Click HERE to read Carisa's post.     You'll be glad you did!!

So what are you teaching... or learning?  

Me - I'm learning more about Scotland.   
Did you know that the Carmacks came from Scotland around the start of the 18th century?
... And now Will and Bailey Jo Carmack will study there. 

That seems appropriate.


Nancy said...

I got an email that Jennifer Tompkins wrote this (but it never showed up here so I'm copying and pasting it from my email):
Fun pics, Nancy! We are excited for this year of school. Can't believe Molly will be in 3rd. That sounds pretty old! That's a great pic of Steve and Mac particularly.
Hope you are well!
Love, J

Nancy said...

Thanks, Jennifer.
We're doing great!

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