Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have lots to tell you... and pictures to show you... but they will all have to wait.

For now, this very minute, this cartoons says it ....

I'm in the middle of a busy - but wonderful - 2 busy weeks.

So now, I'm taking a little break to blog.

It is relaxing me.... from this busy time.
(Let's see how many times I can say 'busy'.)

I think words have power.
And 'BUSY' doesn't have a good power, well, this very minute anyway.

So I'm going to use other words... like ...

And sentences like...

'Settle down'.

'Sit back and just BE.'

'Shut out all the world.'

'Let go and let God.'

And I'm going to find serene pictures to look at...


Well, I'm feeling more relaxed. Mmm.

That's all for today.

I hope YOU can find some time to relax.
It's good for your health.


Anonymous said...

Wow....Nancy thanks!! I needed that!! Blessings!!

Being Beth said...

After reading this, I went in and took a long soak in the tub...sent all my busy-ness down the drain. Ahhhhh...

Thanks, Nancy!

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