Friday, August 3, 2012


... we got to meet Sawyer's baby sister, Delia (our new great niece).

Here she is with Bailey Jo...

And here is big brother with his mom and dad...
Sawyer is one cute, happy fella!

He really entertained us as we cuddled with his sister....
Oh my. What sweetness she is.

By the way, her dad is preaching this weekend at Fellowship of the Parks.  The series is entitled FIGHT CLUB.  (Does that have your attention?)
Click HERE to go to FOTP's site, and find out service times, location, etc.  I may just see you there!
On a different note, have you had Harold's Texicun Gormay Pickles?
Whoa. They're good.  But not for the soft of heart... or mouth.  They are hot!!... but good!!
I got them at Walmart.

I also got Paula Deen's Blueberry Crumble Coffee Cake at Walmart...
Talk about delicious. 

Oh, and I got a sugar-free pina colada shaved ice cup at the Shell station on the north-east corner of Glade and 121 (in Grapevine - or maybe it's Euless).  Anyway, it was YUM.  And perfect for this hot weather. 
I may go back today and get another one.
The man assured me they were calorie free.

How could that be?
Such deliciousness!!


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