Saturday, August 11, 2012

I will never forget the thrill...

... of having little Laura 26 years ago today.

Thank you so much, Lord.

Here are two pictures....

That's her blowing out the candles on her black forest cake last Monday night - in an early birthday celebration.

And here she is with her sweetie in a post on her Facebook page today...
(I didn't know she was into decaf... like her mom.)

Laura has always been her own person.
Strong, secure, artistic, loving, and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.
Oh, here is a picture of her with Caroline and Andrew Thursday, when she helped me take care of them and their little sister....

What a help she was.
Thank you, Laura!!!
To think I'd have a daughter like Laura Katherine is BEYOND WONDERFUL.

Happy Birthday, Laura!

1 comment:

laura said...

Thank YOU Momma! :)

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