Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm excited...

... about tonight.

I get to be a part
of a wonderful couple's wedding!

That's Julia and Kyle.

They're getting married
tonight at Bear Valley Church.

And it's going to be beautiful.

And God-honoring.

And I get to do some of the music!!

What an honor!

On a different note, earlier this week Bailey Jo and Will went with us to board meeting in Oklahoma, and on the way we swung my Hinton... so Bailey Jo could see it all (where we lived when Will was born, and where Sam grew up, and where the banks started).

Here's Bailey Jo and Will in the bank with a picture of Daddy Bob...

Here's a picture by the teller windows...

Here's a picture down in the basement...

Here's a wonderful mural across the street from the bank..
That's the bank on the left in the mural. The bank was founded before Oklahoma got statehood!

 I think of Hinton as Oklahoma's Mayberry...
A wonderful place... with wonderful memories.


Before I sign off I must show you a picture my son-in-law put up on Facebook this morning...
Those are my grandchicks on the deck of Laura and Ryan's home in Dallas! 

I loved seeing that!!

And I love getting to see Laura and Ryan AND Bailey Jo and Will tonight at Julia's wedding!

Oh, and Julia and Kyle!!!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

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