Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm not you.

My last blog post was about a song a friend absolutely hates.
I was so surprised.

Well then there's this: a lady came up to me one day in the tea room and jokingly asked if I ever played "It's a Small World After All".    I said I'd never played it, but it was in a book of Disney tunes I had and I could play it in a pinch.
She then looked at me seriously and said, "If you ever play that song, I'm leaving the tea room at that moment. I hate that song!"
Then she laughed.... but repeated that she hated that song.
And she added, "I just wanted to warn you, since you were playing other Disney songs."


I thought it was an innocent little song.
I guess not.

Well, really it is. It IS!!!

Just because someone has an opinion on something doesn't make that opinion 'true'.
Opinions are opinions. And I - me, myself and I - have opinions.

I don't much like Dolly Parton's voice, though I think she is a good songwriter.

I don't like Third Day's Mac Powell's voice, but I do like some of Third Day's songs.

And I don't like Madonna.

And I'm not impressed with Angelina Jolie.

But I do like Sally Fields.... and Julie Andrews... and Tom Hanks... and Liam Neeson... and my favorite actor is Vincent D'Onofrio.   (I really like "Law and Order Criminal Intent".)

And I like solitude.... and Tabasco sauce.... and lazy Saturday mornings... and having Will and Bailey Jo living with us this month.... and knowing that daughter, precious Laura, is married to Ryan... and Sam and I living in the Metroplex... and having started Bear Valley Church back in 1992.... and then being a part of Fellowship of the Parks.... and living till I'm 60... and blogging.... and having Elizabeth and her precious family living nearby.... and my wonderful mother living nearby.... and being married to a very wise man, who is good, and fun, and my best friend.

This blogging is good for me.

I mean, I do it spontaneously sometimes... and it makes me REALIZE LIFE ... and ME!


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