Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look closely...

... you'll see a keyboard...
(That's Will getting his stuff out of my car.) 

 In this next picture you'll see a passport... 
(Bailey is holding it.)

Well, we took them to the airport and hugged our goodbyes.  There were just a few tears.  No weeping. 

And then we came home.... to our big house.... and it seemed SO BIG without them.....and yet it felt good .... that our son and his precious wife are headed for an exciting year in Scotland.
I'm glad they weren't noisy when they lived with us this past month. Then it would be a VERY quiet house now.  Instead it's just a-kind-of-quiet house. 

I'm FOR SURE thankful for the internet... and cell phones... and email.... and anything else that will keep us close!!!  .... Because we ARE close!!!
A new poll is up!  
I may put new polls up more often.  Will and Bailey vote on my polls and I want them to vote maybe everyday!!


I love you Will and Bailey Jo.... and am praying for you every time I think of you... which will be nonstop (of course).

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