Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The house is quiet...

... Andrew and Anna are asleep.
Caroline is reading quietly to herself (it's 7:45 pm as I start this).

And I'm blogging... and thankful for this wonderful day.

 We've been with Dora...

And Dr. Seuss...

And we've colored and drawn and had finger puppet shows, and played in the pool....
Here are some of those pictures....

And we watched something I hadn't seen in YEARS!!! It's Disney's Silly Symphony Water Babies!! It's just over 8 minutes long... and it used to entertain Cap, Elizabeth, Will and Laura (my parents' grandchildren) when they were little.

They watched it OVER AND OVER.

And now Elizabeth's little ones are wanting to watch it over and over...

Click HERE to go to the YouTube video of it that I found. (A better person would have been able to put it on the big screen TV.)
If you have little bitty kiddos they might be mesmerized.

So we've had fun today, and they've minded me so well.
Caroline got a little sad tonight, missing her mommy.  She's okay now, though.  And asleep I think.

This text of a neat picture(s) helped her, though.   Oh yes.... (Elizabeth sent it early this morning.) I love it...

Her parents will be back Saturday afternoon... ... so we have a few more days of fun.
(I'd like to thank the Dollar Tree store, for some fun (cheap) entertainment.)
(And I'd like to thank John and Elizabeth for raising such precious and well-mannered children.)

It's a good life.
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