Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Worry, what is it good for?

... absolutely nothing!!!

We don't have to take on the world.


And we don't even have to take on tomorrow.
(Oh, planning is good. Worry is not.)

And we don't have to take on yesterday... and why we did what we did, or someone else did what they did.
(We can't go back in time.)


Here's a great article on the subject, "4 Reasons Not to Worry."  That article has some great Bible verses to go with it.  I even bookmarked that article... so as to refer to it often...

.... because sometimes I'm full of peace and joy.... sometimes not so much.

If I hear about a child drowning, well, I'm there... cuz I know some precious children.... and my mind can go to terrible places.
And if I hear about an adult child getting killed or murdered, I'm there... in terrible places...
And if I read about a terrorist bomb, or shooting, well, it could happen... anywhere... so I'm there, too.

... but then I think of the probabilities... and then I think of my God.... and then I remind myself of how He was with me (miraculously) in the death of my dear twin... and my dear dad... and in other hard times..... and I know his grace is sufficient... and I don't need it when the horror DOESN'T HAPPEN BUT JUST IN MY HEAD.   Well, of course, I need his grace all the time.... and WHAT A RELIEF... it is there.... but in majorly profound ways JUST WHEN I NEED IT.

So worry not, Nancy.

God IS in control.
Oh, a lot of people don't think so.
But remember, YOU'RE ONE OF THE ONES WHO DO!!!
What a relief.

I'll close with this silly cartoon (which makes sense to me)...

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