Monday, September 10, 2012


I did something a little crazy.... I ended up in Oklahoma City tonight!! Turns out Sam couldn't come with me (because of a doctor's appointment tomorrow) and well, long story short, I came on up - and he'll fly up tomorrow evening. That way we can drive home together Wednesday evening. (I have meetings tomorrow afternoon and he doesn't.) (We have business meetings up here every month.)

I just got settled in the hotel, and am enjoying a leisurely evening. (I know this craziness has surprised some of you.)  (Hi, Mother!) (I thought this might be a possibility when we were at Walmart, but had really talked myself out of it... until I got home... and decided to go crazy. 

Speaking of other craziness, Bear Valley Community Church, started a series yesterday called iCrazy, When People Are Driving You Nuts. Sam and I went yesterday, and really liked the message Lee gave, and the movie clip from WHAT ABOUT BOB? and the opening-song, Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" that the band covered very well. (Though, of course, they missed Will on lead guitar, but Roger was outstanding!)

I know what you're thinking: that above paragraph doesn't sound like 'church' at all... ah, but it was (is) ... and the message was very Biblical, and applicable - to well, most everyone.  Oh yes.

So I'm still feeling a little crazy myself, so I looked around and found some funny things to post.

Being at Walmart today made me want to post this....

And then there's this...

And there's this from "You know you're from Texas....

And I really like this one...
I thought those were funny.
I put up another poll (upper right)... it was inspired by a recent Facebook post by Bailey, my daughter-in-law who is now living in Scotland.
Thanks for voting. (I don't know about you, but I had a hard time deciding on my vote.)


Laura said...

Those are funny! It especially like the target/Walmart one.

Bailey Jo said...

I had a hard time too, but I decided on microwave. I rely on it too much for quick and easy meals.

I don't use the oven and stove nearly as much as I'd like to (though I've already been using those here more than ever before), and we've discovered that we can survive without a coffee maker as long as we have individual coffees (like Via) and a water boiler thing.