Friday, September 28, 2012

Early to rise...

... was I this morning.
On a whim (last night) I decided to go to Canton Tradesday today.

I set my alarm for early-early.

I got to see the sunrise, going east on I-20. It was so beautiful that I got my phone camera out of my purse and tried to capture it. (I had my spa music going on on the radio, so it made it super serene.)

 I got there so early that shops weren't opened... so I had to take a picture of that....

Later I spent quite a bit of time in (on) the old First Monday grounds, where treasures abound....

Then I went to the pavilions and arbors....
You can tell they were busy-busy. 

At one point I got the backs of my ankles hit by a lady riding a motorized cart-thing.  She kept apologizing and I kept saying it was really all right, though it did hurt some.   (Oh, the perils of Tradesday)

Would you believe I didn't buy anything, not one thing? 

Ah, but I had to eat.  
And, I don't go to Canton Tradesday without eating something bad for me. That is my tradition.

I tried this new place....

I ordered the chicken fried hot dog with queso, onions and spicy fried pickles on it... and fries.
(And a Diet Coke, of course)

The lady sitting across from me asked if I had the paramedics ready.
 I said, 'Thanks for reminding me to contact them!"
(Seriously, that WAS the conversation!)
We laughed and laughed.  (We hit it off right away.)

 Here's the view from where I sat...

And here's the view as I left the food court area....

So I had a great day.  It was short, though.  I got home by 1:30, exhausted, but smiling.

Click HERE to read Wikipedia's info on CANTON TRADESDAY.
Here's a quote from it (I'm copying and pasting)..."It purports to be the largest and oldest continually operated flea market in the United States, and is a highly popular event in the area. Depending on the time of year, up to 100,000 shoppers can and will frequent the fair in a weekend."

And click HERE for their official website.

On GOOD MORNING, AMERICA years ago they did a segment on the Tradesday. They interviewed a man who was selling a hearse. The reporter asked, "Why would anybody want to buy a hearse?"
 The vendor's reply, "Well, it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."

Since then that's been my reply when asked why I've bought anything.  :)
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Laura said...

Sounds fun! I do want to go with you sometime. I haven't in so long.

Nancy said...

Yes, Laura, we MUST go together sometime!!!


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