Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night Lite....

You may be out on a date tonight.
Or not.

Me, I'm relaxing.
Had a fun day with my mom and cousin Audrey.

Here's my mom....
... with her great grandson, Andrew, a few (3) years ago.

And here's Audrey.... 

We went to the antique mall... and they (Mother and Audrey) shopped and then ate in the tea room...  while I played 2 of Mother's favorite songs, "O Danny Boy" and "Somewhere My Love" ("Lara's Theme from DR. ZHIVAGO - Mother's favorite movie/book).
I forgot to have a picture taken of us in the tea room... which was all right (we're all looking older, which means not as photogenic).  (I'm speaking for myself.)

Ah, but I DO have pictures of Will and Bailey's apartment in Scotland - thanks to Facebook!!  (I had thought they were going to get in their apartment later... but was glad to find out it was sooner!)
We had thought it was going to be tiny... but it's not!!

Their bathroom facilities are down the hall, which means, I guess, that the facilities are communal. Ha.  That means they'll even more appreciate the States, when they move back next year!
(Update: in the comment section you will see that they do NOT have a communal bathroom after all.  Yay.)

They've also shared other pictures.... like Stirling Castle (think William Wallace) (I'm writing what Bailey posted on FB)...

Well, that's all right now.
Just had to blog something.....

I have a new poll up (I got from a personality quiz thing)...... Please vote (upper right)  - thanks!!!


Bailey Jo said...

The bathroom isn't communal, it's all ours! It's just down our hall, which starts right outside the kitchen (it was taking too long to upload photos, so I stopped.) We'll take a video tour of the place soon and email it out to you guys.

Nancy said...

Ah, glad about that!!!

I love seeing all your pictures!!

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