Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I recommend...

... the devotional book, JESUS CALLING.

I had heard about it for some time, but hadn't gotten one.

I can be kind of cynical
when it comes
to devotional books,
actually, and well, Christian
books period.

Does that surprise you?

I guess through the years I've gotten jaded.
Certainly skeptical, which can often lead to being cynical.

I'm just telling it like it is. 

I think there are lots of folks out there that put sweet stuff in a book, and sell it.   Some of that stuff, in my opinion, has no depth, and not much validity with me.

Who am I to critique that stuff?
Well, I'm a Christ-follower who wants to be true to the Bible.  And I want depth, not fluff.

Sarah Young's JESUS CALLING is, to me, a true devotional.   It helps me be more devoted to Christ, and the fact that it has at least two Bibles verses on each page that you can look up and get more in depth, well, I like that.  And those verses are not printed on each page.  I can see how some wouldn't bother to look them up, but I really want to... so as to validate what Young has written.

By the way, my mother is the one who got me thinking about this book, and then a dear friend, Diane Worcester, highly recommended it, too... and since those are two people whose opinions I respect, well, I got a copy.   LIFEWAY book stores have them for sale for $10.    And COSTCO sells them for even cheaper, I believe.    (If you get one, read the introduction. That helped validate the book for me even more.)
 On a completely different note,  Shiloh got sprayed (again) by a skunk Friday night.  Ugh.
Ah, but we have FOUND THE ANSWER!!!

Sam made a call to his animal expert friend, Greg Bargsley, and found out about the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/Ivory soap/ water solution.

Here is Sam using it on Shiloh-pup....

It worked!!

Shiloh is tolerable!!!

(It seems this solution is better than tomato paste/sauce because it ELIMINATES the odor, not just covers it up.)
(Oh, and this solution is SO MUCH CHEAPER - AND MORE EFFECTIVE - than having PET LOVE come and clean him with their skunk remedy.)

So Shiloh is lovable again.  Well, he's always been lovable.... but now I can hug him again.

That's it for now.
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Myra said...

Next time try baby shampoo bath followed by a vinegar rinse! Rinse that off then follow with a vanilla rinse and leave on. Worked on my Lab.


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