Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random I Likes (RILs)

Here are some random I LIKES:

We watched BERNIE the other night...
and we really enjoyed it!

Jack Black was so good in it.

Hard to believe it's based
on an absolutely true story.

Another LIKE would be Mooyah's Burgers and Fries.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I didn't have the fries (I'm proud to say), but I had the burger for the first time last week... on a wheat bun, and thought it was GREAT!!


 Another LIKE would be LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!Even with it being 101 degrees today ... it just feels like autumn is coming!

Here's a cartoon I just found....

Another huge LIKE is this picture Bailey put on Facebook today!....

 She is so beautiful, isn't she?  (And it's inside and out.)

Finally, here is a 'poster I LIKE...
This has always been one of my favorite Bible passages.
There is power in it.

A new poll is up (upper right)!
Thanks for voting.
(Oh, I had to put up the word verification thingy - I kept getting comments with ads telling me to buy Xanax and Viagra. Brother!
Now, with the word verification-deal I'm not getting those comments.... thankfully!)

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