Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thinking about 1970, etc.

I remember thinking about the year 1970.  That would be the year I'd graduate from high school.  I just couldn't imagine that.  Wow.   Thinking about that year just scared me.
And then it happened... I graduated... and I went to college... and then I couldn't imagine graduating ... and then being out in the world... on my own.  Me.  Wow.

I owned a lot of bridesmaids dresses back then. (And some were funny looking, I must say.)
That tells you I had a lot of good friends, but no serious boyfriend.

I couldn't imagine having a husband.  And if and when I did I knew I would never ever let him see me without makeup. 

What a funny person I was. 

And I remember thinking about the year 2000, and wondering if I'd still be alive, and if I was I'd be two years away from 50!  And then I'd BE 50.    Me!

And now I'm 60.  And I'm still me.  And I'm married to a man whom I'm so comfortable with that I let him see me without makeup the very first week we were married.   And he told me I didn't look that much different.  I think that was a compliment.

Where am I going with this?

Do I have to go someplace?

Well, here is where I'll go (since her birthday made me think of all of the above): 
Today is Laurie Bargsley's 50th birthday!!!

Here is her precious Facebook profile pic....

I really enjoyed my fifties, I hope you do, too!

And to think,

And you're still you, aren't you?!?!
(That's so wonderful, that you're still wonderful YOU, Laurie.)


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