Thursday, September 20, 2012

We were all happy....

... but you can't tell it from this single picture.
But we so were happy!!!
(This was the only time Bailey wasn't smiling and Will, barely smiling - but it's the only picture I got, and I like visual aids, which I'm wanting this to be.)

That's Sam and I talking to Bailey and Will on Facetime this afternoon.
Facetime is the video-chatting thing on Mac computers.  Click HERE to learn more about it, though I'm thinking my internet-savvy friends and family already know all about it. 
Notice the little picture in the bottom left on the computer screen. That's Sam and I. The little hot pink thing is my iPhone taking that picture.

We can see them, and they can see us, and we can talk in real time... and it cost. nothing. (Well, except for the Internet, which we already pay for.)


It was 3:15 in the afternoon here, and 9:15 at night there (Scotland).
We'd done this once before and know that we can do it WHENEVER we can!!!!!

It is so fun.
And so wonderful.
We got to find out about their first week of classes, which just ended. They (the classes) sound daunting, so I'm glad they (Will and Bailey) are doing them, and not I. :)

We live in a wonderful day and age, huh?  Well, not about the classes, but about Facetime!!!

Just 30 years ago Sam and I were living in Brazil, and getting to talk to anyone in the States was MAJOR.  And of course, we couldn't ever see them, unless they got on a plane to come see us.

A little known piece of trivia is that I (Nancy) got my ham radio license before we went to Brazil. 
I know, that sounds so out of the box for me.
Well, we wanted to communicate with loved ones back in the States, and we heard that was a great way to do it.  So I went to a class, learned Morse Code, passed the test and got licensed!!

When in Brazil we'd contact a ham radio operator in the States, give him our folks' phone number, he'd called them and then let us talk to them, through our radio.    It was "over" and "out" all the time.  On Facetime today we didn't say "over" and "out" once!!

We did have phones back then, but oh my, the cost of making a phone call to the States was crazy.... well, unless you wanted to talk just 2 seconds, which would just be "Hello - Goodbye," so forget it.

I say all that to say that we can SO APPRECIATE the Facetime we had with Will and Bailey today!!!!
Next, we'll get Mother on... and Caroline, Andrew, and Anna, and their parents.... and others.
(Oh, Laura and Ryan have already Facetimed with W&B- they're 'old hats' at it.)

Well, I better go.  I'm not a fan of long, wordy blog-posts, and this is becoming one.

More later!

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Bailey said...

You're right, I don't look happy, but I certainly was!!!


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