Friday, October 5, 2012


I was working out at the gym today (that sounds so good I had to write) and I began feeling my usual yuck at seeing young, pretty, buff folks in their snazzy workout attire.
Frumpy is how I felt.
And old.

Then suddenly I MADE myself snap out it.

I purposely decided to not go there in my mind.

And I began telling myself "CONGRATULATIONS!!  YOU'RE ALIVE and YOU MADE IT TO 60!!.. (which is seeming younger and younger, by the way - when I visit Mother's retirement community... (where Mother seems to be the youngest there, by the way)

And I told myself: you're not in the grave, or in a wheelchair, or in a mental institution. 

You can feed yourself, and though you don't know how to work all the machines in the gym you DO know how to work a few and you do it!!! 
And you can drive yourself home.

I have so many blessings. So very many.

Still. My mind can take me to yuck so fast it's amazing. 

Fortunately I stopped that inner chatter that tells me I'm disgusting and don't know what I'm doing, and decided to congratulate myself.


You can stop the negative inner chatterbox, too, dear blog-reader.

And congratulate yourself. 

You have lots of reasons to.
For one, you got up this morning.
And if you're still in bed, congratulate yourself for having a bed to snuggle in. Mmm.

I don't know.  I just wanted to tell you about my CONGRATULATIONS epiphany. 

I want you to have one, too.
A new poll is up (upper right), thanks for voting.


Laura said...


I have to do something like that when I think about teaching too. When I think about how much I have to do. About how much I don't know how to do. About how many things I could be doing better. ABout how my students are driving me crazy.

I have to make myself STOP and just congratulate myself for having my job, for being able to teach ART to sweet kiddos all day. I GET to do this.

Thanks for the inspirational post.

And I don't know how to use most of the machines at the gym either.

Bailey said...


Your new poll is SO HARD. I'm VERY surprised that corn dog is winning-- that is such a normal treat compared to all the other tasty ones! You can buy a corn dog at the store and put it in the oven, but it takes something like a fair to get the other three! (at least for me, I'd have no idea how to make them)

I decided on turkey legs. I'm always a sucker for a good turkey leg when I go to a fair.

But if you had included deep fried twinkies instead of oreos, I'd have probably picked that one ;)

Nancy said...

Great comment, Laura. Thank you!!

And Bailey, deep fried Twinkies ARE the best. 'Course not for health, but for FUN.. YES!!

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