Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm not real smart....

... but I'm thinking this debate is a REAL DEBATE....

... and Obama, however I like having an African American as President, is not - NOT - the man for the day.

I've been an opponent of Mormonism (as many of you know).

[I just don't think THE BOOK OF MORMON has any credence -with historical evidence, etc...]

BUT, I think Mitt Romney is a great man... and may be the MAN FOR OUR TIME.

That's what I think.


Deanna said...

When I go and vote, I will be voting for the man I believe has the experience and knowledge to lead this nation out of the quagmire in which we find ourselves embroiled. I will be voting for the man whose values and ideals most closely align with my own. I will be voting for the man whom I trust to stand by Israel. I will be voting for the man whom I believe can get America headed back towards being the "shining city on a hill" envisioned by Ronald Reagan. I won't be voting for who I would choose as my spiritual mentor or Sunday School teacher, I already have people I trust for those positions. Romney/Ryan 2012. All the way.

Nancy said...