Saturday, October 27, 2012


Do you trust the presidential polls out there?

Well, I guess I do.... but they're all over the place.

I guess that means it's going to be a close election.

I hope not like the Gore/Bush election -with those hanging chads.
If you remember that then you don't want that close of an election either.
(I remember having a dream about Gore winning.  I woke up in a cold sweat.)  (Really.)
(Sorry, all my Democrat family and friends.)

(If you don't know about the hanging chads, do a Google search.  You'll find out about them.)


I have a question: have YOU ever been polled?
I haven't.

It seems at my age somebody might have polled me by now.... but NO.

Who(m) do they poll?
I thought random people, of which I am one.

If you've ever been polled by Gallup, or Rasmussen, or Pew, or any reputable poll people, I'd like to know about it.
Speaking of polls, I'm going to quit having one on my upper right side of this blog (or anywhere).  The last few days my poll has not shown accurately the votes on my poll... not even MY vote. :(
That is frustrating, yes ... but not worth my energy fretting about (to end with a preposition).

I have other things to think about.... like WHAT TO PACK FOR MY TRIP TO SCOTLAND!!!!

We will soon see these precious folks.....
I can hardly wait to hug them,
give them 
the El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero Hot Sauce Will requested.



Being Beth said...

I've been polled several times by Gallup about different topics, but only once about a presidential election - back around the time George W. Bush was seeking his second term.

I find polls interesting, but on presidential elections, I tend to not put much stock in them - it's not over until the last electoral and popular vote is counted.ON other topics, I think polls can be a fairly good representation of how people think. They are not perfect, and always state their error percentage which has to be taken into consideration when interpreting them. Good questions, Nancy!

I'll miss your poll, but agree it didn't work well. I always had to fight with it, voting about five times before my answer would show up on the results.

Laura said...

I'll miss your poll!


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