Saturday, October 6, 2012

Several things...

 ... this Saturday night...

Our nephew, Justin, and his wife, Amber, had their first child, a boy!!!....

His name? 
Arlo Fletcher Ross!

Here's a touching picture of Justin and his son.... 
I love that picture.
(Justin is clearly bonding with his son.)

Here's Justin with his wife, Amber...
Yes, of course their son would be good looking!!

On a different note, Mother and I did some Facetime with MY son, Will, and his wife, Bailey, this morning. It was 10 in the morning our time and 4 in the afternoon their time.   It was GREAT.  

Here's a recent picture Bailey took of Will in Scotland... 
That is great, huh?

On another TOTALLY different note, my dear niece, Elizabeth, gave me some hand creme a while back and I LOVE IT!!!  LOVE IT!!!!  
It is Lollia Breathe Peony and White Shea Butter Hand Creme. 
It is wonderful.
Thank you, Elizabeth.


On another completely TOTALLY different note, here is a cartoon I like....
Yes, I know you're not surprised that I like that cartoon!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about Arlo! Thanks for sharing.


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