Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The fight is on.

Tonight is the second debate between Obama and Romney.

I'll be glued to the TV, but it will be like me watching ice skaters. When they do their triple twirls, I can hardly watch, thinking they'll fall.

And Obama and Romney may try some triple twirls tonight.

But I have to watch for myself... otherwise I will just hear other folks' opinions about how it went.

Like Biden smiling and smirking.
People have had all kinds of opinions on that.
And I have my own... because I watched him when he did all that.

 On a COMPLETELY different note, Mother and I ran some errands yesterday afternoon, and ran into her dear friend, Nell, at Walmart.

Of course I had to get my camera out...

(I think Mother is getting used to being good blog material.)

When we got back to her place I just had to take three more pictures.

Here is her 'front porch'...
I just love it.

Here is a neighbor's front porch...

And here is another neighbor's....

They made me smile.

Different note:  I put up a new poll (upper right). This one is more serious than usual. Sam helped with the choices. "Social Issues" includes gay marriage. It was also going to include abortion, but I decided to make that its own category.
Please vote in the poll.... and don't think too hard about it. It won't make the news. (Well, except in my little world.)

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