Monday, November 5, 2012

Back in the U.S.A!

We've been to Scotland!

Here's a picture of Sam at the Glasgow Airport, when we were leaving the country.
It shows how our time in Scotland really transformed him!!
(I love it.)

Here are just a few pictures of the University of Glasgow where Will and Bailey are doing post graduate work...
(I won't caption every one, okay? I'm having jet lag and well, I'll just show you the pictures, mainly.

When you see Bailey at a door, that's the door to her classes.
When you see Will at a door, that's the door to his classes.
Then I'll show you after those two pictures the street and buildings their classes are on (in).

Here we go...

I took more pictures ... and there's more to see of the university, but well, you might have to go to the university's website to know more.

We also rode the subway...
... to downtown Glasgow...
... which was bustling for sure. 

There was more that we did.... 
And oh my did we have fun... and good conversation....  and good food... 

And so now we can picture them in their Scottish world.  

And in their apartment...

I'm so glad we went.

In a few weeks Bailey's beautiful mother Robin is going to visit them.
How can I be jealous about that???    
(I guess that means I had a SUPER GREAT TIME..... and want to go back!!!!!!!!!!)

Ah, but I like home, too. .... and will now go take a nap.  :)


Laura said...

so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Scotland is so beautiful!
I'm glad you had a wonderful trip!

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