Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm happier...

... when I'm not complaining.

Last Sunday (our nephew) Rob preached a great sermon at Fellowship of the Parks...

The sermon was on the last of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not covet."
It was a GREAT message. (You can listen to it if you go HERE and go down the 'page' and click the Nov. 24/25 "Coveting and Contentment" message. - You can hear it on iTunes, or even watch the video.    YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID.)

 In the message Rob told of a friend who decided that for a week he was going to put a dollar in a jar every time he caught himself complaining. At first the friend was putting lots of dollars in the jar, but by the end of the week he was not 'spending' so much money.
I didn't put out a complaint jar, but it so made me realize how often I complain. And I so often don't realize it is complaining. I think it's just talking.
Thanks for that, Rob.
Before we went into the church auditorium we saw Rob's sweet family!!
That's Rob's mother-in-law, Charlsa, his wife, Caroline, and their son, Sawyer. 

Here's Caroline with her dad, Galen, who's holding his precious granddaughter, Delia...

Also in the foyer was Bailey's dad!....
He was manning the Christmas Shoe Boxes station - with boxes people can donate - of items for children who wouldn't have a Christmas otherwise.
It's a wonderful thing.
(I'm pretty sure Dennis brought the shoe box giving to Fellowship of the Parks.)
(Dennis is a wonderful man.)

Here are the two wonderful dads talking things over....

And here are their kids...

That's a picture of them in Scotland that Bailey just put up on Facebook as her profile pic.
I like it!!

Oh, Bailey's mom went to Scotland to visit Bailey and Will at Thanksgiving!

Here they are at their 'Scottish Thanksgiving'....
I like that picture!

In closing here's our fireplace decorated....
(You can tell that stockings face a different way depending on when you buy them.)

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