Friday, November 2, 2012

In Scotland...

We've had some cold, rainy days...

And then a beautiful rainbow...
 (Wow. Sam and I were eating in a cafe near the university yesterday (while Will and Bailey were in class), and I looked up and saw that - and was so glad my iPhone could capture it!!!

Our time here has been FANTASTIC!!

Today we took a bus tour on a double decker bus like this...

Here are Will and Bailey as they sat behind us.

We saw so many things today as we rode around town on the bus ... and at times would get off and look closely at sites... such as....

If you'd like you can read about the Glasgow Necropolis on the all-knowing Wikipedia by clicking HERE.

And here are some pictures of it....

And here's the view from the Necropolis towards the cathedral...

Here are some random pictures taken from the double decker bus...
I'll show more pictures next time of the university where Will and Bailey are studying.
It is beautiful.
As a preview of that, here is part of the university just tonight.
It's in the distance, on a hill.  Can you see the lights?
It's beautiful.
(Well, you had to have been there.)

I'll leave you with something you CAN see...
I had told Bailey we loved fish and chips, so she and Will took us to a great fish and chips place where you order it 'take away'.... meaning you have to take it back to the apartment to eat... which we did.
(That meal was so very delicious that I'm sure my arteries were clogging only a wee tiny bit.)
That's all for now.
Thanks for reading my blog!
More later!

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Laura said...

So fun! I hope Ryan and I get a chance to visit while they are there.

I rode one of those double decker tour buses when I was in Florence. I had already been in Florence awhile, but knew there were still things I hadn't seen, so I hopped on, all by myself. That was one of my favorite days in Florence.

Glad you guys are having a good time!