Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun City...

Canton, TX can be fun fun fun, when it's Canton Tradesday weekend!
Yesterday, niece Elizabeth and her two girls, Caroline and Anna, and Elizabeth's sister, Caetyn and I went to have fun!
And we did!

Here are some pictures I took in the order that I took them...
Little Caroline had some money to spend - and saw something right away! 
(But she used self-control - and waited for something better later (of which I forgot to take a picture).

We saw lots of dogs yesterday!!
And Anna would always yell, "Puppy!"
And sometimes the puppy owners would oblige us with a sweet pet (the verb-type of 'pet').

At lunchtime the place was EXTREMELY CROWDED... so I offered to be with Anna and find a place to sit....
We found some seats.... but Anna and I had to camp out and wait for some young ladies to quit talking and start walking.  .... You can see that Anna was being patient... and darling.

After we ate lunch we shopped some more...

And then, of course....

On the way back to the car we saw this lady with her three doggies....
Caroline got to pet one, and the lady said, "What a beautiful little girl you are!"
When we walked away I almost ran back to tell the lady that Caroline is beautiful on the inside, too!

After shopping, we went to the cemetery where Elizabeth's mother (and my twin) and Granddaddy Andy are buried.
Elizabeth had some flowers to put there, but I didn't get a picture...

Here's an older picture (from April, 2011).... with Mother and a littler Anna....

And here was Anna yesterday...

She was more interested in the cows, of course, than the graveyard. 

It was a wonderful day. 

And Caroline and Anna, and Elizabeth and Caetyn, AND myself - were happy all day!!!
Well, except when Caetyn was having buyer's remorse after buying the frames (in the second picture).    And then I decided I could maybe put them in my booth so I bought them from Caetyn, as long as she would carry them.  
Then a lady stopped Caetyn and asked her where she'd gotten them.  Caetyn told her but said they didn't have any that size left.   The lady said, "Oh well, I'll go get a smaller set."   So the lady walked off.   

THEN a while later another lady asked Caetyn where she got them, and Caetyn told her what she told the previous lady.   
"Oh rats (something like that)." said the lady.   Then she said something like, "Gee, I would really like to find some like those."   
Caetyn and I, almost in unison, said, "You can have these for what we paid for them (Caetyn to the vendor - then I to Caetyn)."  
"Oh, I hate to take them from you," said the lady.
"Oh, please do," said Caetyn and I. 
So the lady handed me the money, Caetyn handed her the frames.... and we were all smiling!!!!

That was all that Caetyn and I bought yesterday (besides food)....but it was FUN!!!!

(That may have been a long story - and you had to have been there to appreciate it - but I wanted to tell it.)   

I hope you're having a good Sunday!!


Bobbie said...

I love the story about the frames! You could have made some bucks, you know what I mean!!!! On a more serious note, I know you all must feel so much pain this time of year - losing Peggy at such a young age. She has left behind such a beautiful family and you have taken them on as your own. Not that that's hard to do. They are all beautiful inside and out - as you say! God bless you all. God is faithful and you will see her again! What a reunion that will be.

Nancy said...

Thank you for that wonderful comment, Bobbie!!!
I've read it through twice so far.

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