Friday, December 21, 2012

Is this for real?

This Baby Jesus stuff?

Well, I stake my life on it being real.

And I don't think I'm an 'ignoramus'.

But I WOULD go along with the quote, "I'll take it (Christianity) until something better comes along."

When I heard that quote years ago it sounded so odd.... and almost blasphemous.   It would be like me saying, "I'll take Sam as my husband until someone better comes along."   (Sadly many view marriage that way.) And to make that saying about Jesus, well, that was hideous.

Yet that saying somehow resonated with me.... mainly because I had a tendency to doubt the whole idea of God... and well, that quote gave me an out.
It kind of LET ME DOUBT.

Anyway, through the years I have affirmed OVER AND OVER the veracity of Scripture, and the truth of Jesus being the Truth, the Life and the Way.
And my faith has given me a calmness of soul and a joy that nothing in this world can destroy.

I mean it.

That's not to say I'm always perky (heaven forbid), but I have peace, for the most part.
And that spells R-E-L-I-E-F.

[And will anything better come along?  It can't when the best already has come along!]

On a similar note, I found a fantastic article recently (really, a blog post) that I want you to read if you're an atheist. It's called "Two Common Atheist Arguments".
Maybe you've never been anywhere near being an atheist.... you still might want to read it, though, so you could counter those arguments (in a loving way).

I'll leave you with some pictures of some of our nativity scenes (Sam has been collecting them through the years....


That last one is the oldest... and it used to be in my home when I was growing up. 
That would make it the most meaningful.

I have a new poll up.  You might need to click 'Change your vote'... or 'Show your vote' a couple of times to make your vote count.  (Sorry for that frustration.)

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laura said...

I never knew that nativity was in your home growing up! Wow.

And the polls always work for me just fine.

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