Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Fiasco...

... that turned Fantastic!!

Well, before I tell you about that let me say....


And we were there!!
(I took that last picture (not the first two).)

But there was FIASCO for us before the game.

In my last post I told of my favorite things this Christmas.
I didn't mention one of my most favorite things- tickets that Sam and I gave to ourselves for the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.  (If I'd made it public the bad blog-reader might have broken into our home while we were gone.  I couldn't chance that.)

We flew out to beautiful San Diego Wednesday night to watch Baylor play UCLA the next day.

We get to the hotel at 11:00 PM (California time - 1:00 AM Texas (our) time).   We're so ready for bed, but we have to wait in a line to get registered.
When we finally (30 minutes later!) get up to the hotel desk, the man tells us our room isn't ready!  (It's 11:30 at night!)  He said it would be ready in 30 minutes.   He gives us a voucher to get a snack in the bar.  We go to the bar, and they tell us the kitchen just closed.  So we get something to drink, and eat a Snickers bar we had in my purse.
(All over the lobby people have been waiting  - and are sprawled out on chairs and sofas- including some old friends that we visit with for a couple of those hours.... (though none of us was feeling sociable (speaking for myself).)

Three hours later (yes, that's THREE HOURS LATER) at 2:00 AM (4:00 AM Texas time) we get into our room.

It turned out great, though!
We got vouchers, vouchers, and more vouchers!    And that first night (which was super short) was free (as well it should have been). 
My favorite voucher was for an hour long massage in the spa (which I made time for).
....AND all our food was paid for.   'Course we're still tired, but the hotel did make up (with those vouchers) for the fiasco  (which had to do with work being done at the hotel, that wasn't communicated to the front desk (something like that).

The game was fun... but cold...

I'd taken this scarf to wear, Elizabeth, ...
(Elizabeth gave it to me last year.)
(Thank you!)

Because of the cold I had to cover it up! 
(Who would have thought San Diego would be COLD!!)

The game was great, though.... with a super score:
Baylor 49 - UCLA 26!

Now we're home.

There's more to say, especially about some nice San Diegans that we met, who didn't know where  Baylor was, etc.   They said some interesting things, and asked some interesting questions!)
... I'll blog about them later. 

(I need to rest now.)

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Jan B. said...

What an adventure!! So glad you made the best of a bad situation and managed to have a great time!!

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