Sunday, December 30, 2012

The question....

"Where IS Baylor?"
... is what several folks in southern California asked us when we were there for the Holiday Bowl (which we won! 49-26 against UCLA!!!).

(Here's a picture, by the way, taken from our hotel room window in San Diego...
Talk about beautiful.
Back to the question: several folks didn't know anything about Baylor... so they asked.

When we replied, "Baylor is in Waco, Texas" one person said something like, "Oh, that's where the shootout was!"
Another person (at a different time) said, "Oh, that's where the cult siege was!"

[You can click HERE to read about the 'Waco Siege' in 1993.]

A few years ago when I told an acquaintance (a lady from Vancouver) that I went to Baylor which was in Waco, TX, she asked, "Did you KNOW David Koresh?"
I said, "No."  And I added, "I don't know anybody who knew him."

She seemed relieved.

I was expecting to answer again about Koresh when I told another man that Baylor is in Waco, Texas.
"Oh really?" he said. "Well, I want my daughter to live in Texas... because I want her to be able to carry a handgun so she can defend herself!"
"Right." I said.

So San Diegans found us to be an interesting folk.

And we found THEM to be interesting.  So many of them were sitting near us at the game.  We kept hearing them talking about who they were going to cheer for.   So many of them were undecided!!
Seems they always attended the Holiday Bowl, no matter who was playing.
I overheard one man nearby telling his friend, "I'm rooting for Baylor.... because I really like that Robert Griffin the Third!" 
I think that convinced his friend to root for Baylor, too!  Sic 'Em, Bears!!

Speaking of RG3... he's playing NOW... against the Cowboys.

(Now Sam and I are Washington Redskins fans!!!)

On a totally different note, six years ago tonight
my dear died lost his fight against cancer.

He would so be watching this football game.
And every one this season.
(And he'd tape them and watch them again... and again.)
(You miss a lot if you just once them once.)

On a side note, my dear dad lived long enough
to know about his first little great grandchild, Caroline,
who was born two days before he died.
Daddy smiled so big and gave a big thumbs up when we told him about little Caroline Elizabeth.

She turned six Friday!

Happy Belated Birthday, Sweet Caroline!!!!

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Happy New Year!!

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Bailey said...

Great view from the hotel!

I always forget that Caroline was born so soon before your daddy passed away. That's very neat that he got to hear such great news first!

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