Friday, December 7, 2012

The winner is....

... the pretty lady seated at the right...
... known to me as "Mother"!!!

Wednesday she and I went to Canton for her annual Christmas bridge party... 
... and Mother won!
(Last year she got second place.)

Before the ladies played bridge we ate a scrumptious brunch made by the hostess, Jan...

Jan decorates her house every year like you wouldn't believe....

It's so inspiring, and if we weren't in the Christmas spirit before we are now!!!

[You can click HERE to see my 2009's blog post of the bridge party, if you'd like. It's called FUN.]

While they're playing bridge I go and do some shopping at the local Walmart and Bealls.   This year (and last) I finished my Christmas shopping there!!!  (Well, except for the hard person whose name I drew this year.) 
On a different note (but same spirit), last night Sam and I joined Mother for her Christmas party at Parkwood.
I don't know why I didn't get my phone-camera out! I guess I was too busy talking and eating...  they had all kinds of delicacies!!!

Besides delicious, the party was LOVELY!!!!

There were two ice sculptures there.
Downstairs there was one that looked like this...

Then upstairs there was one that looked like this...

And downstairs there was a pianist who wowed us with her arrangements of beautiful Christmas carols.
And upstairs there was a classical guitarist who wowed us with his classical guitar 'stylings'.
Everywhere you went the music was heavenly!!!

And we were all dressed in our fun holiday attire... but with no pictures you'll have to use your imagination.... which I know you can do!!

In closing, here's a quote I like...
"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!" 
~Hamilton Wright Mabie

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Bailey said...

That is someone's HOUSE??? That's crazy beautiful and festive! I thought for sure it was a store that went all out with decorations... How incredible to do that every year.