Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dos Sobrinos

(I want to learn Spanish better, so I thought I'd make my title in Spanish, for 'two nephews'.)

I've recently seen some pictures of two of our sobrinos.
The pictures are so darling I had to blog them...

 Here's nephew Rob and his beautiful family...

And this father-son picture is priceless....
 ... don't you think?

And here's nephew Justin's gorgeous family...
Isn't that darling?

If those pictures don't make you smile you need to go see Barris, my favorite counselor/therapist. 
Click HERE for his website.

On a completely different note,
there's a new book out that I may have to get.
It's written by a cold-case homicide detective.
He was an atheist, but embraced Christianity
after doing his own detective work.
It sounds amazing.

Click HERE for a short article about it.

It may be stormy today in the Metroplex.  Be careful!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Thanks Nancy! Rob and his family sure look great! We had fun dressing up with Arlo, thanks for sharing. We all sure are blessed!

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