Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Sam and I actually stayed up and saw the new year in last night, though we were in our pajamas and watching reruns of "The Good Wife".

Today we're just mellowing out here in Colleyville.

I think I have a bad cold, or maybe a touch of the flu, though I got the flu shot.
I don't feel bad enough not to blog, though!  (But don't come near me.)

Laura and Ryan are at Angel Fire, New Mexico...
Having fun, I'm sure.
(They love to ski.)

Will and Bailey are back in Scotland with their new friends...
(Actually that picture was taken before Christmas break, but I'm sure they're all still friends.) 

You may have noticed that I put up a new background and an (old) header on this blog. 
(If I ever build just the house I want I'd build a log cabin. I love the back-to-nature, informal feel of log cabins.) 
(I let an interior decorator influence the look of our living room and frankly, it is so not me.)

Clearly I'm just rambling. 

I just took Dayquil. Hopefully that will help me be more productive. 
Ah, but did you notice on my current poll (upper right), that "being more productive" is not getting very many votes as to being a good New Year's resolution!
That should tell us something!

I'll close this ramble with a picture Laura put on Facebook of her feet, on the way to New Mexico....

I just love that picture!

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Laura said...

All of us Maxwells were in bed by ten last night :)

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