Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I got out!!!

I got out of the house today!!!

There are whole worlds out there waiting to be explored.

Today I explored the Walmart world.   'Course I've been there before, but when you've been sick, and cooped up, well, exploring that world can be SUPER!!

(Yes, I was sick and cooped up for a while... even during my birthday (but it wasn't so bad, since I was on the mend-side of being sick).

I remember when we moved to Kentucky years ago.  I was having culture shock.  Central Kentucky and southwestern Oklahoma are totally different, really.  Well, not like London and Mexico City, but they are quite different.    The 'feel' is different.

Ah, but then we went to the Bardstown, KY Walmart.  And were were HOME!!!!   It felt EXACTLY like the Lawton, OK Walmart.    It kind of took me by surprise at how comforting it was to just be in that Bardstown Walmart.    It was like I started settling down in my mind.  And relaxing.  I think that was when I could start making my own Kentucky home.   Mmm.

Anyway, it DOES feel good to get out and about... with eyebrows plucked and makeup on.... and my earrings actually went in! (I'd thought my ears might have to get re-pierced.)

Anyway,  life is good. 

And here's a coinky-dinky  (as Laura used to say): For lunch yesterday (my birthday) Sam said he would go and get whatever I wanted (as I was still staying in) and so he did.   
He got me a Long John Silver's platter with fish and chips and shrimp ... and after we ate I saw on Facebook that Will and Bailey ALSO ate fish and chips for their meal in Scotland, too, just when we were eating ours! (It was our lunch, their supper/dinner - because of the difference in time.)
Anyway, that was neat to me.

No, it wasn't earth-shattering, but fun.
And yes, that is NOT the healthiest of meals.
(When I'm feeling better Sam said he'd take me to my FAVORITE PLACE,  Joe T Garcia's, just the two of us.  :)   )  

I know I sometimes give too much meaningless information on my blog, but I think 'meaningfulness' is in the mind of the beholder.
I have a poll up (upper right).  Please vote if you haven't!  Thank you.
(I've had to get back with the word-verification feature, sorry.)
I'll close with this,

Always laugh when you can. It is the cheapest medicine.


Bobbie said...

I always liked LJS's. Daddy really loved it and always took Mom there on their special occasions. Not sure she was so thrilled about that! No, seriously, she was just happy to go wherever he wanted to. Love the malt vinegar on the fish. Yumbo! And, my bucket list has eating at Joe T.'s at near the top.

Bailey said...

I didn't know you were eating fish at the same time! That IS cool!

Will is finally feeling better too. Still has some cold symptoms, but not all achy anymore or just wanting to sleep all day.

Being Beth said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Love Coinky-dinky!!!

Your blog is always so much fun to read, in part because of the way you take the ordinary things of life and turn them into extraordinary adventures.

Laura said...

Glad you're back on your feet! And that you didn't have to get your ears re-pierced. :)

Lynette said...

Sometimes I get such a craving for LJS...I may have to eat there tomorrow! Glad you feel better. I can totally relate. We have all been sick, but now better.

Nancy said...

I just want to say how much I appreciate y'all's comments!!!

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