Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just some random random...

First random: Today is National Pie Day!

Click HERE
to read about the history of pies.

That pie on the left is one of my favorites.

What's your favorite??

Second random...
Last night I went to a slumber party.

It was just Mother and I at her place.
We had Pizza Hut pizza (which we overate).
(At slumber parties you're SUPPOSED
to overeat.)

We watched "Wheel of Fortune",
then two back-to-back episodes
of Betty White's "Off Their Rockers".
We'd never seen it before,
and though parts were
a little risque, it made us laugh out loud a couple of times.

Third random: Earlier yesterday, I had fun playing fun songs in the tea room.
The lady sitting by herself next to the piano starting bobbing her head, swaying her arms even, and tapping her feet, which made me play even more fun songs.
By 'fun songs' I mean, "You Are My Sunshine", "She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain", "Hey, Good Lookin", "King of the Road", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Hello My Baby", and I can't remember what else.    Anyway, it was fun ... and hopefully made for good digestion.

Fourth random: After I played I went to ROSS, where on Tuesdays there is a 10% discount for folks over 55.  I bought a basket and a couple of things for Mother's and my booth.   That was fun.

Fifth random: Then I came home and saw an email from my aunt Helen Ruth.  (I call her 'Helen Ruth' to differentiate from 'Aunt Helen' in Tennessee.)

Here are some of the funnies she sent....

Those made me laugh.

In closing (Sixth random), here's a quote I like...

"It is good to brush your teeth when you are angry, 
because you brush harder and do a better job."
- Lemony Snicket


Bobbie said...

Wish I could have joined you and your Mom yesterday. I, too, love Pizza Hut pizza! As long as it's thin crust! And, although key lime pie is my favorite, lemon chess is in my top 5. Got to put banana cream, apple and chocolate in there, too!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this post BEFORE I went grocery shopping! I totally would have bought some pie. And I have never heard of chess pie. But I definitely need to go to the tea room soon to get some buttermilk pie... or white chocolate raspberry cake ...

p.s. You and Grandmother and me should get some matching tattoos! ;)

Nancy said...

Ah, Bobbie, I love key lime, too. Yum.

And Laura, who knows, Grandmother may be up for some matching tattoos with you and me. I mean, she's not your average person in her 80's.
I vote for a dolphin.

(You got me smiling.)

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