Thursday, January 31, 2013

On nieces, and then penguins...

Would you believe I haven't seen my little great nieces and nephew since Christmas day?!
And one of them had a birthday....
That picture was taken by her mom at her school party. 
Her birthday is Dec. 28, which means she has to celebrate at school in January.
I think she is okay with that, though.

So I've really been missing the little ones and will have to remedy that SOON!

It made me think of Bailey Jo.
She's not getting to see her little nieces till Sept!

Ah, but she sees pictures.

And those little nieces take delightful pictures...
Is that not super precious?


Well, my niece Elizabeth and I ARE communicating, but it's mainly by text.

Here's something she sent yesterday...

That made me want to do a search for more penguin cartoons.

(I thought those were worth a smile.)

They made me think of this next gadget I'd seen on someone's blog.
Put your cursor somewhere on the little screen and see what happens.
I hope it does what I think it does.
(And don't worry, it's supposed to be virus-free (in case you were wondering).)
Thanks for the inspiration, Elizabeth!!!

I have a new poll up (upper right).
Please vote if you haven't already.

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