Thursday, January 10, 2013


I found that above picture when I did a search on 'playing'. 
It just made me feel good, so I thought I'd share it.

Now to me playing....
I'm playing today... in the tea room!!  With being out of town, and then sick, and well, with the holidays and all, I have REALLY missed playing!!
Sometimes I think it is just fluff, sitting there playing tunes I like.... that it's not that important.  It's certainly not like being a Peace Corp worker in a third world country or a research scientist working on finding a cure to cancer. 
I've changed my mind on that, though.  
I'm thinking it's important... because I love doing it.


Different note:
My recent poll - on would you rather be accomplished or appreciated - was telling.  Most people voted for 'being appreciated' and that made me think how IMPORTANT it is to let people know they're appreciated. 

When I mentioned the poll to Sam, he said, that's you and me, isn't it?   Ha!  And yes, I admitted it is.  Then he commented on how it's kind of a man-woman question.  Men tend to want to be respected for what they do, and women want to be appreciated for who they are.

I have a new poll up (upper right).  Thanks for clicking all those clicks to make your vote happen!

In closing, here's a 'poster' I like (I saw it on FB this morning (thanks, Susu)... and it makes me think of niece Elizabeth, whom I've missed seeing lately... but will get with soon!

(So I'm clicking like and sharing.)


Bailey said...

I chose 'accomplished!' (and I'm a girl!) But it was a really hard question. Kept going back and forth.

laura said...

I chose appreciated rather accomplished without hesitation.

And I would much rather be a tea room pianist than a peace corp worker or research scientist. Less stress--you'll live longer.

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