Sunday, January 20, 2013

Truth be told...

I don't trust Lance Armstrong at all.

I didn't watch the 2-part Oprah interview.

I knew it would be contrived, so why bother?

Have you known perpetual liars?  When it dawns on you that that is what they are, well, you (I) just dismiss them.

It's not that I don't forgive them. I just don't trust them.

Fortunately, I don't know very many.  Or if I know them I haven't identified them yet.

Ah, but isn't it wonderful to think about the good folks you know?

The Bible tells us to think about the good.
Philippians 4:8, 
Finally brothers and sisters,
whatever is true,
whatever is noble, 
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable—
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I think that includes thinking about good people.

Oh, nobody's perfect... but you know people in your present and in your past that are GOOD FOLK.

My sermon today: think about those GOOD FOLK.
Maybe make a list of them.
Maybe write them a thank you note.
Maybe just sit and picture them and the good times you've had with them.

You don't have to know them well.... but you know you know some.

Think about them... and not Lance Armstrong.

Here are a few of mine....
WHOA!!! I have so many more pictures of folks to put up.... WHOA!!! This is making me realize how rich I am with GOOD FOLK!!!

(All I can say is WHOA!!!)


Well, I can also say this: pray for our country, on this the PRAY-FOR-OUR-COUNTRY DAY.
Pray for President Obama.  He needs it... and we need to do it!



Bobbie said...

I think what you are saying is......"out with the with the positive." And, I like it!

Nancy said...

That's right, Bobbie!

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